Meet the Team pt.1

Meet the Team

Have you ever wondered who was behind Conversation in Isolation 2022? Well, here are some of the committee members who work so hard behind the scenes to keep the wheels running. This is only some of our amazing members, we will be making another post showcasing the other medical students in the team.


Carolin and Sophie are 5th year medical students who have an important role in managing the entire organisation! They are paving the path of CII to ensure that the organisation can help as many people as possible. With their hard work and strong passion to serve the community- they are able to lead the committee forward ! 


Steph was appointed our secretary in 2022 and is charge of managing and organising the team. She's the one who sets up our meetings, takes down our minutes and keeps everyone on top of their duties. 


Introducing the new treasurer to the CII team, Catherine! A young first year student who is amazing at dealing with spreadsheets, forms, numbers - and in her words ‘structured and probably easier to understand than people!’. She recently just completed a big task for the organisation by registering us to becoming a formal charity!

Community Support 

Nick is in charge of supporting our community members! He is able to ensure that communication between community members and volunteers are seamless. If any issues or concerns arise with communication, Nick will be on top of it!


Kumaran is our Initiatives officer who has the very important role in pursuing opportunities, expanding our reach and brainstorming new ideas for the CII! He’s always working hard behind the scenes and seeking out money to keep our organisation alive.

Part 2 of the 'Meet the Team' series will be coming soon!