Conversation in Isolation - Meet the Team


Hi everyone, hope you have been keeping well as we approach the end of the year. Today, we have another one of our beloved members here with us, and also the last Meet the Team series we have for this year!

·       "Hi, what is your name and what are you studying?"

Hi I am Vineeta and I am a final year Masters of Counselling student. I am with the Publications team as part of Conversation in Isolation.

·       "Hi Vineeta! How would you describe yourself in 3 words?" 

Honest, creative and patient. 


·       I understand you are also a volunteer with Conversation in Isolation. What is your most cherished moment with your community member?"

My community member’s the age of my grandmother, and on our every call she inquires after me how have been, what’s my week going to look like, asking after my parents and family back in my home country, and always ending the calls with giving me her heartfelt blessings and wishes. I had initially signed up with the intention of making someone feel less lonely, but I was the one who felt less lonely after every call. I always end each call with a smile and I very much look forward to the next one.

·       “That is indeed very heartwarming. Just a quick fun question: what is your fictional superhero and why?"

I would like to be Sensate, a fictional homo sapien species, who by the ability to share their thoughts and actions, are connected to seven other people around the globe. That way I would never be really, alone alone, because I would have these seven other people in my head, and I can tap into their wealth of knowledge and skills to get me out of a pickle.

·       “And now that lockdown seems to be coming to an end as vaccination rates rise, what is the craziest and best thing you have done during this period?"

Craziest thing would be me and my younger sister having impromptu musical concerts over our phone calls. We would “Scream and Shout” our favourite jams, and we are no Maddonas so I feel sorry for whoever was in our listening range!

Thank you for this lovely chat Vineeta! Sending regards to everyone in lockdown, hope everything is safe with you and sending you socially distant hugs from the Convo in Iso team!