Conversation In Isolation - Meet The Team

Editors: Seraphina Choong, Vineeta Giri and Lisa Hour

Hello everyone! Today, we introduce you to Jasleen- one of our Volunteer Support Officers!

·       "Hi, what is your name and what are you studying?"

 My name is Jasleen Grewal. I am currently a 5th year medical student at Monash University


·       "Hello Jasleen! How would you describe yourself in 3 words?" 

Friendly, enthusiastic, creative  


·       “Can you tell us why you have chosen to sign up and help out with ‘Conversation in Isolation’?”

I chose to sign up for Conversation in Isolation because I wanted to do something useful during the extra free time I had during lockdown. I thought Conversation in Isolation was the perfect opportunity to help out members of the community and to help reduce the social isolation that many people were feeling during the lockdowns. 


·       "As a volunteer support officer, is there anything you would like to share with our amazing volunteers?"

I would say them to make the most of this opportunity and to consider that these calls can benefit you just as much as they benefit the community member. 


·       "As a volunteer yourself, do you have any cherished memory with your community member?"

 My first community member was an international student from Malaysia who had moved to Australia to study for a year. She was someone who loved travelling and had therefore, visited many countries. My most cherished memories with her were when she told me about the different countries she’d visited and what she’d learnt from each of them. Furthermore, we both love cooking and so, we used to swap recipes with each other which was valuable for both of us. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations I had with her. 


·       “What is it that you enjoy doing in your leisure time?”

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, going for a run and bingeing shows on Netflix.


·       "Haha same! If I were to run into you at a cafĂ©, what would I find you sipping at?

A simple latte


·       "So did you always want to be a doctor growing up?"

Growing up, I’d wanted to be a zoo keeper, and then I wanted to be a  teacher, and then I wanted to be a lawyer. And after changing my mind another 10 more times, I finally settled on becoming a doctor and I’ve been grateful for that decision ever since.