Conversation In Isolation - Meet The Team

Editors: Seraphina Choong and Lisa Hour

We hope that everyone that has had an amazing start to the new year so far- we are super excited about all our upcoming plans for Conversation in Isolation this year! Today, we have another member of the team, Sue, to share with us how she has been involved in this initiative!
  • "Hi, what is your name and what year level are you in?"
My name is Sue and I’m in my 4th year of medicine at Monash!

  • "How would you describe yourself in 3 words?"
Loyal, driven, foodie

  • "What are some of your favourite hobbies?"
I enjoy trying new cafes, binging trashy medical dramas alongside a bit of embroidery when I am watching said trashy shows. 

  • "Haha awesome! Would you like to share with us why you have chosen to sign up and help with 'Conversation In Isolation'?"
I got involved with Conversation in Isolation in the midst of COVID-19 because I wanted to help out vulnerable community members that I normally would not be able to reach myself. I decided to join the committee for 2021 because it is still constantly growing and I wanted to have a hand in this and see where it goes!

  • "That's amazing to hear! What is your most cherished memory with your community member?"
Finding out that my budding quarantine hobby was a treasured childhood passion of my community member, added a core conversation topic that we both thoroughly enjoyed each call.

  • "Is there any advice that you would like to give to aspiring volunteers?"
Something you consider a relatively small effort can absolutely make someone’s day, even if they don’t directly express it to you -  remembering this can make the tougher days that tiny bit brighter.

  • "Super important question: if you could eat one single dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?"
My answer changes every 6 months, but for now it would be poke bowls! I tried them for the first time in Hawaii and was hooked from that moment onwards.

  • "What would be your fictional superhero ability and why?"
Teleportation so that maybe I'll stop being late to things...

  • "Haha love it! Last question: what is your favourite coffee order?"
Chai latte – I don’t like the taste of coffee