Conversation in Isolation - Meet the Team


Editor: Seraphina Choong 

While recent turn in events has tightened restrictions in Victoria, the team members in Conversation in Isolation have been working tirelessly behind-the-scenes. Works have been underway to recruit more volunteers (especially if you speak another language other than English), so feel free to check out our Facebook page for more info! 

  • “Hi, what is your name and what year level are you in?”
Hi, my name is Bowen and I am currently in 4th year.

  • “How would you describe yourself in 3 words?”
This is quite a difficult question. Maybe curious, ambitious and fun-loving.

  •  “Awesome! Can you tell us why you have chosen to sign up and help out with ‘Conversation in Isolation’?”
I have chosen to sign up and help out with ‘Conversation In Isolation’ as I wanted to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many medical students were pulled from placements and we had plenty of time on our hands .There were no ways to help the situation medically so we partnered up together to make a phone call service that can assist vulnerable community members in a non-medical way.

  •  “That is very inspiring indeed. What is some advice you would like to give to aspiring volunteers who would like to help in this project?”
 My advice would be to take the initiative and be proactive. If there is anyway you can help definitely get in touch with us as we are always welcoming new people and new ideas. 

  •  “Speaking of isolation, are there any tips you would like to offer for tackling it?”

Well, I do have some! Here's some of my tips:

·       Daily exercise preferably in the morning

·       Morning meditation

·       Keeping in touch with friends regularly over messages or when safe to do so in-person.

·       Limiting the amount of time I spend on the news as it can negatively affect mood.

·       Establishing routine to wake up before 9am and sleep before 12am.

·       Making a plan for each day and setting goals

  • “These are all very good tips, thanks for sharing! Maybe one last fun/quick question before we end off: If you could only eat one single dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?”
It would be hotpot as there are various types of ingredients to put in that would make it more interesting!