Conversation in Isolation - Meet the Team

Editor: Seraphina Choong 

It is with heavy hearts that we enter back into lockdown for the second time. While we might be staying at home, our team has continued to work hard behind the scenes. This time we are happy to have another valuable team member, Caroline, here with us today.

  • “Hi, what is your name and what year level are you in?”
My name is Caroline and I’m in fifth year.

  • “How would you describe yourself in 3 words?”
Bed by 10.

  •  “Haha, that's a good one! Would you like to share with us why you have chosen to sign up and help out with ‘Conversation in Isolation’?”
When I first signed up, we were just a group of students hoping to do something. We had a thousand ideas and possible directions before we narrowed down on connecting with community members to prevent loneliness and isolation through telephone conversations.
Now, I’m staying on in a behind-the-scenes role with volunteer training and support. Conversation in Isolation reminds me so much of a previous volunteer experience with LinkPets that I absolutely loved where I got to create an unlikely friendship with an elderly lady in my neighbourhood and help care for her dog. I hope that through Conversation in Isolation I can help match together heaps more unlikely pairs who’ll have just as fulfilling (although socially distanced) interactions.
  •  It's amazing to hear about the starting-up journey. Do you speak any languages other than English at home?”
English is my first language. My parents speak Cantonese around the house so I can understand the important words (blasphemies). My Mandarin is gradually deteriorating and by now is shamefully worse than my French which I’ve tried to maintain through tutoring.

  •  “Wow, you are like a quadrilingual person . Is there any advice you would like to give to aspiring volunteers?”
Be curious, enthusiastic and adaptable. That’s all! There are so many different aspects of this project – once you find out more Conversation in Isolation, you’ll certainly find areas where your strengths and skills are needed.

  •  “Is there anything you would look forward to after restriction eases?”
Hug all of my friends!

  •  “If you could only eat one single dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?”
My bestie Eve's Quinoa salads <3

  • “Last question: what is your favourite coffee order?”
A soy latte is the least pretentious order I can get as a lactose intolerant person, otherwise I do enjoy branching out and trying the range of non-dairy milks that are now on offer. As for tea, nothing can compare to traditional Chinese oolong tea.